Happiness begins the moment you learn to embrace who you are and accept all that you have to offer no matter how different you may look, seem, or feel. It begins when you choose to look past the unrealistic standards and stigmas that exist in today’s world and move forward with knowledge that you are just as deserving as the person next to you. The happiest of people wholeheartedly embrace their diversities. They learn to love their lives and empower those around them to do just the same. They are also accepting of everyone else’s diversities. The most diverse people may have the greatest stories to tell, and the greatest stories told are the ones that live forever.

Today, January 20th, is international day of acceptance. This day is about breaking down the stereotypes that exist in today’s society and learning to be accepting of everyone’s paths of whom you cross. My disability does not want you to judge, poke fun at, or criticize. It does not want you to hate. My disability does, however, want you to be accepting and open to embrace the many diversities of life. My disability is my great story, and I hope to tell it to the world.
day of acceptance
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