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Ever since bringing Wish home on Tuesday, I have not written a blog post without this girl laying on top of me somehow. Today, she’s on my legs and slowly pushing me off this couch. If for some reason this post ends mid-sentence, it’s because she’s officially pushed me off.

There isn’t much to report on from today’s class. The two of us worked on the “go get help” command, and she seemed to catch on pretty quickly. Like I said yesterday, she’s a total nerd so I’m really not that surprised. Afterwards, we studied for tomorrow’s final exam and then went home.

It’s been a long week down here for sure. Of course I would not trade my time down here FOR ANYTHING, but lack of sleep and all the crazy shenanigans it brings is slowly starting to make its way into our lives. For example, while training with Wish just moments ago, my mom was putting treats in my lap every time she responded well to my requests. Without thinking and only operating on a few hours of sleep, she accidentally fed me the treat. Ah, yes, that salty morsel went just as quickly out of my mouth as it did into my mouth. Thanks, mom. I guess I took this bird feeding technique to a whole new level though. You’re welcome, Wish.

Okay, so about this picture: Wish and I spotted this really awesome tree at the hotel yesterday and decided to go take our first formal picture together. While we were getting ready for our mini photo shoot and totally having a moment, my mom managed to capture this. You can truly feel the connection beginning to form in this picture and how comfortable she already feels around me. (Fun fact: I received Wish’s vet records and she and I weigh exactly the same. However, we’re both ladies and cannot disclose that number to you. 😉 ) I think it’s safe to say we are becoming one remarkable duo!

Update: both legs are officially off the couch, Wish is still sound asleep. Onto graduation tomorrow.

wish the service dog

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