In one of my previous posts, “For My Brother“, I wrote about the extraordinary relationship my brother and I share. Adam is 25 years old and has always been the best big brother a little sister could ever hope for. He’s caring, compassionate, funny, smart, and (I can’t leave this one out) a little annoying…all qualities that every great brother has. But, aside from all of these qualities, Adam and I have this unexplainable bond that only the two of us will ever understand. It’s something special, something treasurable; and, for that, I know I’m the luckiest girl in the world.

Back in October, Adam proposed to his girlfriend in Disney, making this past month a very exciting time for all of us. Her name is Krystina; and let me tell you I am so excited to finally have a sister! Just this past weekend, a date was set and a venue was picked, which means all the fun in wedding planning has officially begun.

As most traditional weddings usually pan out, the sister of the groom gets to be a bridesmaid in the wedding party. However, Adam decided to take a slightly different route. Last night, Adam surprised me with this video below. As soon as it started playing, I knew immediately Adam was asking me to be his best man, and I got a little teary-eyed. Okay, confession, I started bawling. This video montage really embodies the close relationship Adam and I share, and it even includes some scenes of our favorite shows and movies. As most of us know, Adam is great at making videos, but this one really takes the cake. Although it is a little unorthodox to have a woman as the best man, I couldn’t be more thrilled to take on this role.

There’s nothing more powerful, more endearing, and more perfect than a bond between a brother and a sister. I can’t help but realize how blessed I’ve been these last twenty-three years to have an older brother like Adam. Ever since day one, Adam has been my confidante, my protector, and above all, my best friend. He has stood by me through whatever curveball life has thrown my way and has never stopped believing in me. Being asked to be his best man is such an honor; an unbelievable honor. And, there’s absolutely no place I’d rather be than right by my big brother’s side as he marries his soul mate on May 30, 2015. Thanks Adam!!

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