Back in January, my brother and I started a group on Facebook called SMAck Attack: Living with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. If you’re wondering why we chose that name…well, for starters, it has the acronym SMA in it! Secondly, we wanted a name that would represent our fight towards a cure and our strength to never back down. Our intentions, like this blog, are to spread awareness of this disease and educate those who have never heard of SMA before. During the past month and a half, my brother has been working hard to put together a short video for the group. Titled “Alyssa’s Story”, this video is a compilation of home videos of my life starting in 1990 all the way through today. It is the first of many for SMAck Attack, and my brother did an amazing job on it! We’ve received so much positive feedback on it and have already reached over 700 views on Youtube! For those who haven’t seen it, I want to share this video with you! And, if you like it, I was wondering if maybe you could please reblog and/or share it on your Facebooks/Twitters/emails/etc? It is through your help that we are able to raise awareness for SMA, and this video is just the beginning. Thank you…Adam and I truly appreciate it! If you would like to be a part of SMAck Attack on Facebook, click here.

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